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Located in Brentwood, TN, Arnybarn Music Group manages the extensive song catalog of songwriter Dave Colvin and 20 other songwriters (along with their co-writers) through the publishing companies; Arnybarn Music (BMI) and Arizona Drive Music (ASCAP)

Music Publishing: our main goal here at Arnybarn Music Group is making sure all aspects of the songs in our catalog have  been taken care of.
In 2012, Arnybarn Music got a song cut by Contemporary Christian artist, Madalyn McHugh on her debut  CD, Stepping Stone” The song,
This Side of Love, co-written by Dave Colvin, Greg Shields and Bobby Rennert was selected not only as track 1 on the CD but was also the debut Single released to radio! (Clip on the bottom of this page)
Arnybarn Music also has had several songs placed in TV series: several in the cable series “Auction Kings”, one in TLC’s “Operation Surprise Homecoming” and a sweet 1 minute 39 second placement in Star Trek Enterprise! Season 2 Episode 2, Carbon Creek. The song was “Gently Falls” co-written by Dave & Debbie Colvin!

Our current song list includes all of Dave Colvin's songs and recently several songs by a great Contemporary Christian songwriter, Greg Shields, have been added and are being pitched! We also have pop songs by Heather Cohen, Scott Joyce and Brandon Kimberling and Country tunes by Brandon Maddox, Jamie Nattier, Thom McKee, John Bielecki, Erica Lee and several of their co-writers!
Please visit each songwriters’ page for more information on their careers and examples of their songs!
Should you wish to contact Arnybarn Music Group please visit the “Contact” page and email a message! Thank you for visiting our website!

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Arnybarn Music Group NEWS!
April 2017          

At this time 9 songs from the Arnybarn Music catalog have been selected to be recorded by 3 Indie artists for their upcoming recording projects! After working at this for 5 years it is exciting to see the hours, days, months of keeping at it finally coming to bear fruit and that the 7 songwriters/co-writers are getting their chance to have their song creations be heard by the music loving world! It truly has been a Team effort and I'm grateful to these wonderful songwriters for entrusting me to take care of their creations! Go Team Arnybarn!!

               February 2017
Congratulations to Drake Jensen for his video of John Rose’s song, “Wherever Love Takes Us” hitting over 55,300 views on YouTube! (https://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=Yd17pWjWQqU)  Also the song made the Top 40 Country Chart in Australia hitting a high of #31!!
More News: We have songs being kept for further consideration and a couple that will be cut in the near future! Stay tuned for more info on that!

“Check with the Arnybarn Music Group when looking for songs for your next recording project!”
Hear songs in our Catalog

Recently signed songs:
“Heart Smart”
by Donna Fant

“Turn Your Hurt Around” by Karen Loveless, Donna Fant and James Edwards

Songwriter, GREG SHIELDS’s song cut by SARA KING!
                        “WHAT GRACE IS”

Our entire song catalogue list is now available for viewing! Click Here to see the list!